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Negotiating with International Partners

Focus on win-win situations

Referenten: Hon. Prof. (FH) Dr. Regina Oppitz
Veranstaltungsform: Fachseminar

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Due to the increasing internationalisation of business relations and an increase in international cooperations and projects, negotiations often have to be done in English – with customers, suppliers, local authorities or bankers as well as with ­colleagues or managers. Train your English negotiation skills and get helpful tips for intercultural negotiation settings.

A variety of topics will be addressed within the course:

    • Establish long-term business relations by creating win-win situations
    • Train your English negotiation skills
    • Exploiting intercultural issues in negotiations
    • Tips for planning and preparing a negotiation
    • Tools that help to convince your partner
    • How to lead negotiations and stay focused on your goal and your interests
    • Tips for dealing with difficult situations and partners
    • Learn more about your personal strengths and potentials in negotiating
    • Intensive practicing and comprehensive feedback

This seminar is designed to train the participants‘ negotiations skills in the English language. It is not a pure language course, thus participants should have a solid knowledge of English in order to benefit most from the training.

  • Assessing your negotiation partners and addressing them effectively
  • Managing emotions
  • Tools for structuring convincing arguments 
  • Effciently managing objections and disagreement
  • Questions – a powerful tool
  • Value based negotiation: building on interests and common goals (Harvard Concept)
  • Comprehensive preparation – the success factor in negotiations
  • Structuring negotiations
  • Instruments and tips for keeping track of your goal and leading negotiations
  • Negotiation tactics and how to respond to unfair ones
  • Tips for negotiating in teams
  • Intercultural aspects to be considered in negotiations
  • Reflection of your personal negotiation style
  • Feedback for your personals strengths and potentials in negotiating
  • Language issues and topics (if required)
    • Management & Experts
    • Relationship managers, sales persons & purchasing managers
    • Legal experts and experts from the planning and controlling department, the HR department etc.
    • Members of international project teams
    • Employees in public administration, being involved in international co-operations or projects 
    • Lawyers, certified public accountants and auditors
    • People who are or will be involved in international negotiations, who want to train their skills in negotiating in the English language  
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Nora Prochaska

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15.10.2018 bis 16.10.2018 / 1. Tag: 10:00-18:00 / 2. Tag: 09:00-17:00
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