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Negotiating with International Partners

Focus on win-win situations

Referenten: Hon. Prof. (FH) Mag. Dr. Regina Oppitz
Veranstaltungsform: Fachseminar

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  • Basic NEGOTIATION STRATEGIES – when to employ which of them?
  • Value based negotiations (HARVARD CONCEPT)
  • Whom are you trying to convince? How to assess your negotiation partners!
  • CONVINCING your partners not persuading them!
  • Demonstrating SELF-CONFIDENCE and managing EMOTIONS
  • Dealing with DIFFICULT PARTNERS and situations
  • QUESTIONS – the tool that gives you the EXTRA POWER and the lead
  • Clear, POWERFUL and convincing ARGUMENTATION
  • Masterfully MANAGING OBJECTIONS and disagreement
  • Tools and tips for LEADING negotiations
  • Keep track of your goal - how to overcome „dead end“-situations
  • Negotiation TACTICS – use helpful ones and masterfully respond to unfair ones
  • INTERCULTURAL ASPECTS in negotiations
  • Feedback for your personal strengths and potentials in negotiating
  • Intensive practicing with cases, mini-assignments and role plays, etc. 

Due to the increasing internationalisation of business relations and an increase in international cooperations and projects, negotiations often have to be done in English – with customers, suppliers, local authorities or bankers as well as with ­colleagues or managers. Train your English negotiation skills and receive helpful tips for intercultural negotiation settings.

A variety of topics will be addressed within the course:

  • Establish long-term business relations with your international partners
  • Train your English negotiation skills
  • Exploiting intercultural issues in negotiations
  • Convince your partners – not just persuade them!
  • Tips for planning and preparing a negotiation
  • How to lead negotiations and stay focused on your goal and your interests
  • Tips for dealing with difficult situations and partners
  • Learn more about your personal strengths and potentials in negotiating
  • Intensive practicing and comprehensive Feedback

This seminar is designed to train the participants‘ negotiations skills in the English language. It is not a pure language course, thus participants should have a solid knowledge of English in order to benefit most from the training.

  • Management & Experts
  • Relationship managers, sales persons & purchasing managers
  • Legal experts and experts from the planning and controlling department, the HR department etc.
  • Members of international project teams
  • Employees in public administration, being involved in international co-operations or projects
  • Lawyers, certified public accountants and auditors
  • People who are or will be involved in international negotiations, who want to train their skills in negotiating in the English language 
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Nora Prochaska

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21.05.2019 bis 22.05.2019 / von 9.00 bis 17.00 Uhr
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